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AMBA Accreditation

AMBA accreditation, otherwise known as the Association of MBAs, is an international authority for postgraduate business education. Established in 1967, AMBA is the only professional membership association for MBA students, MBA graduates, accredited business schools and MBA employers. It is regarded as one of the largest alumni networks that allow members to communicate and share ideas with one another. The AMBA is recognized as being the gold standard for MBAs, and those who network within the organization have the opportunity to take advantage of workshops and hands-on exercises that keep the MBA degree relevant.

Nearly 180 business schools across 72 countries are part of the AMBA accreditation program. There is much value to becoming accredited, and students, employers and business schools can all benefit from the process. For students, choosing to pursue an MBA is a big decision that includes a lot of time and money. With such a large commitment, it’s important for students to have a list of accredited schools to choose from. They know that AMBA accredited institutions have rigorous academic programs in place, as well as tested curriculums that are committed to excellence. For employers, choosing from a large pool of candidates can prove difficult, which is why those that have graduated from an accredited school signify top talent.

Of course, the biggest benefit of an AMBA accreditation is toward the institution, and for good reason. The school has to go through the tiresome process of being accredited, which involves following a strict set of guidelines, as well as international criteria. With the demands of becoming accredited, only a small fraction of schools have achieved this standing. And this specific program is even more selective, which means students and employers know they can put their trust in our AMBA accreditation process and know that only the finest are chosen.

Last updated: 14 July 2011.